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Clever Cookie Law is a light, elegant and powerful magento 2 extension that allows your website to comply the European cookie law by informing users that your site has cookies, with a popup for more information and option to lock scripts before acceptance (as required by Italian Law – Garante della Privacy dispositions).

You can customize the style to perfectly fit your website and you have many options to control cookies behaviour after and before acceptance.

This magento 2 extension uses implied consent, adding a subtle banner to your website either in the header or footer so you can show your compliance status regarding the new EU Cookie Law.

You can fully customise the style so it fits in with your existing website - change the colours, fonts, styles, the position on the page and even how it behaves when you click “accept”.

You can choose to make the cookie bar disappear after a few seconds (completely configurable) or to accept on scroll (an option available under Italian law).

It also has a Cookie Audit module so you can easily show what cookies your site uses and display them neatly in a table on your Privacy & Cookies Policy page.

Inline with official ICO guidelines and current industry best practice, this magento 2 extension uses ‘implied consent’ to aid you in showing your compliance status. This is a deliberate design choice that does not proactively block cookies: it doesn’t make your visitors take action before they can use your website, and will not interfere with blog comments and [Google] Analytics. This approach is aimed at reducing website visitor dropout and maintaining your vital analytics data.


  • Fully customisable to look just like your own website’s style: customise the colours, styles and fonts
  • Put the cookie bar in either the header or the footer
  • (Optional) accept cookie policy if the user scrolls
  • (Optional) automatically close the cookie bar after a delay (delay is configurable)
  • (Optional) cookie bar can be permanently dismissed or accessible through a “show again” tab
  • (Optional) “show again” tab is fully customisable including position shown on page and styles



  • Community: 2.1.0 - 2.1.8
  • Enterprise: 2.1.0 - 2.1.8