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Clever Layered Navigation – powerful custom extension included out-of-the-box to improve SEO on URLs, with AJAX filtering and multiple select for attributes. The implemented AJAX technology allows filtering and sorting products without page reloading.


  • New filters: Product selection may be narrowed down to show NEW, ON-SALE, IN-STOCK & OUT STOCK items
  • Attribute multi-select: Unlike in native functionality, several attributes of a single filter may be selected at the same time
  • Disabling irrelevant options: Once the filter has been applied, some attributes may become irrelevant to the current selection of items. The extension disables those options not to mislead the customers.
  • Price slider display option for numeric attributes
  • Possibility to filter products by brand
  • No intermediary page reloads - AJAX LOAD: Navigation process is not interrupted by reloads after each attribute selection
  • SEO-friendly URL
  • Advanced filter options
  • Supports multiple stores, languages




  • Community: 2.1.0 - 2.1.8
  • Enterprise: 2.1.0 - 2.1.8