Kickstarter Installation

  • Get a cloned demo site on your own server.
  • Executed within 24 hrs.
  • 1 free reinstallation included if you want to start fresh.
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We are pleased to provide you a number of advantages in company with your purchase. Our assistance services include installation, upgrade development and consultancy in accordance with your demands and preferences. Perfect customer care and support solutions are attentively provided by 100% experts with professional skills. There is no better place where you can be more satisfied.

ZooExtension is well known provider of professional Magento development services at the global scale. Our company has a wide range of ready-to-use Magento products, a set of package services for Magento website creation, as well as custom development and integration services at competitive prices.

Our primary goal is to achieve long-term sustainable relationships with our potential and existing customers and deliver innovative Magento service that has no rivals.

With our customers in mind, we strive to deliver solutions that would solve business tasks of various nature. Our extensive Magento development services include module design and custom project development.

The service includes:

Extension installation service is a package of labour work in which our experienced web developers help install ZooExtension’s extensions or themes for Magento to your store. We also make sure that the extensions are properly configured to fit your website.

The service is limited only to ZooExtension’s theme (see Extension for the list) and applied to a clean Magento stores. Our extensions are designed to work smoothly with any Magento stores, however, there can be some conflicts with other provider’s extensions. In such cases, our programmers will inform you for further actions.

  • Get a cloned demo site on your own server.
  • 1 free reinstallation included if you want to start fresh.
  • 60 days free support
  • 3-5 working days to completion
  • Response time limited to 24h

The service does NOT include:

  • Configuring the theme
  • Adjusting the theme look to fit your store
  • Any customizations
  • Re-installation or upgrades

We cannot promise that any extension will work in your installation, in case of possible conflicts with other extensions or your Magento-version.

We give guarantee for our installation service, but not for third party extensions.

To proceed with the installation we need:

  • SFTP/FTP (and SSH) access to your server (including your host or IP address, the username and the password)
  • Access to your server control panel or database manager to setup a MySQL database
  • Access to your Magento administration panel (login and password).

Providing all the data above you allow us to perform this work in the fastest and most effective manner. Usually it takes up to one business day to install our products if no difficulties occur. Being performed by the experienced developers, the installation service guarantees that you will avoid technical problems at the very beginning.

Please note that installation service is not performed on weekends, so if you place order on Friday most likely the service would be performed next Monday.