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MT Revolution Slider responsive magento extension

MT Revolution Slider is an amazing layered slider for Magento. The slider has been developed by themepunch and we would like to thank them in advance before talking about the slider features.

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MT Revolution Slider is an amazing layered slider for Magento. The slider has been developed by themepunch and we would like to thank them in advance before talking about the slider features.

Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or full width slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! Customize this slider with our convenient drag&drop backend to your very needs.

This extension features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

We have developed a friendly backend that lets you manage your slider like no other extension yet made for Magento. You can design your slider with no css or jquery needed an come out with amazing effect.

License Note

The MT Revolution Slider extension does NOT include the Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin. So you need to purchase Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin in order to use jQuery plugin.

General Features


MT Revolution allow users to add new and edit all features an slider.

  • Add and edit items to slider
  • Preview slider after add and edit in manager slider
  • Export slider to file backup after add and edit in manager slider
  • Delete many slider in manager slider

Allow users to add new and edit many layer slider in slider.

  • Add and edit items layer in slider
  • Allow Users to edit many effect in layer
  • Allow Users to upload videos and images edit effect it in layer
  • Allow Users to style color and font in layer
  • Allow Users to edit all features in layer

Allow users to import slider backup and import example for revolution slider.

  • Allow Users to import file backup slider
  • Allow Users to import example revolution slider

Allow users to manager add and edit widget revolution slider.

  • Add new and edit widget revolution slider
  • Add many widget revolution slider
  • Display revolution slider all page, category, product or display it every page.
  • Display revolution slider many sliders on page


Usage Examples

Here is just a small glimpse of whats possible with Slider Revolution.

Full-Feature Slider

This is our default Revolution Slider Demo, with a bit of everything from the large pool of available features.

Ken Burns Slider

Enjoy our highly improved Ken Burns effect in these sliders. Just import the demo sliders, add your own images and texts and you’re done!

HTML5 Video Slider

Slider Revolution cannot only handle Youtube & Vimeo Videos perfectly but also your self-hosted HTML5 Video! Check it out!

Vertical Slider

Another great example of whats possible wih Revolution Slider. Create unique Sliders with great usability. Try navigating this one with your arrow keys!

Special Sliders

Here are some unique slider examples that show off what else is possible with the Slider Revolution plugin!


Admin Features

General Settings

  • The time one slide stay on the screen in miliseconds.
  • Turn Shuffle Mode on and off
  • Lazy Loading for Quicker Slider Start
  • Enable Static Layers
  • Turn Stop Slider on and off.

Google Font Settings

  • Add unlimited google font and custom google font

Postion Settings

  • Position sliders on the page : Center, right or left
  • Add unlimited numbers of captions

Appearance Settings

  • Optional Shadow GFX below Slider
  • Set the position of Time line
  • Set value border around the slider
  • Select background color fro transparent slider
  • Show a dotted overlay size on the whole size
  • Turn on Show Background Image on and off

Parallax setting

  • Enable Parallax on and off
  • Disable Parallax on Mobile
  • Cho Type Mouse position, Scroll position, Mouse and Scroll
  • Enable background Parallax effect
  • Many define a level that can be used in Slide Editor for this Slider

Spinner setting

  • Choose many spinner

Navigation Settings

  • “Stop Slide Timer on Hover” Function
  • Keyboard Navigation NEW
  • Turn Always Show Navigation on and off
  • Set time to Hide/Enable Navigation
  • Set Bullets / Thumbnails Position
  • Set Arrows Position

Thumbnails Settings

  • Set thumb Width
  • Set thumb Height
  • Set thumb Amount

Mobile Touch Settings

  • Enable on Mobile Touch
  • Set Swipe Velocity
  • Set Swipe Min Touches
  • Set Swipe Max Touches
  • Set On/Off Drag Block Vertical

Mobile Visibility Settings

  • Setting On/Off Slider on Mobile
  • Hide the slider under some slider width. Works only in Responsive Style. Not available for Full Width
  • Hide some defined layers in the layer properties under some slider width
  • Hide All Layers Under Width
  • Show/Hide the Navigation Arrows on Mobile Devices
  • Show/Hide the Navigation Bullets on Mobile Devices
  • Show/Hide the Thumbnails on Mobile Devices
  • Hide the Thumbnails on Mobile Devices under some slider width
  • Set Time after that the Navigation and the Thumbs will be hidden on mobile devices.

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    Feature Availability
    MT Revolution Slider is a premium slider available as a Magento Extension. It’s gained huge popularity in the Magento community due to it’s huge range of features and ease of use.