Review: 5 Interesting Advantages of Responsive Magento Glasses Theme MT Five

The Magento themes collection have just welcomed the arrival of a new member – RESPONSIVE MAGENTO GLASSES THEME MT FIVE. Like a present of November from the Zooextension staff for those who desire to open their own online shop to sell clothes or especially accessories, this magento theme is guaranteed to be a perfect coat for your attractively stylish e-commerce website.

After experiencing the demo, I could not agree more with such statement from Zooextension team. Below is the sum-up of my review with MT FIVE – the responsive magento theme.

Interesting Popup

popup responsive magento theme

The first impressment this theme brought me is the Promotion & Newsletter Popup – such an interesting feature for an e-commerce website. This popup is not only designed with a clean but also eye-catching look at the same time. no wonder why it is called popup. It is displayed while the background is made blur to outstand the popup message. With this feature, every shocking deal or promotion event would surely come directly to your customers whenever they get access to your online shop. Similarly, you could recommend your clients to leave their email not only to enrich your database but also to alert them with latest news from your site by making them subcribe your website.

Amazing Mega Menus

When we approach the main interface, what wowed me is the amazing mega Menus. Just like its sibblings, this responsive magento is integrated with such essenstial feature to make it easier for the customers to look up or surf. A mega menu could drop down as much as more then four categories which contain even smaller menu units.

mega menu responsive magento theme

I know for sure that the looking up issue is raised in clothes or accessories online shops, on the ground that, a huge number of products need categrorizing. Each items need its own category or classifing for customer’s convinience to search. Thus a huge number of categories would be generated. Having Mega Menus is now a must. And MT FIVE fulfilled such requirement with its amazing mega menus.

Full width banner sections

full width menu responsive magento theme

Below the mega Menus comes the full-width images for advertising purpose or banner sections. The interesting thing about it is that, the permissiblesize of the images in the background is pretty impressive which allows you to set a high-quality and eye-catching banner to promote or advertise any products. It is not even the best because, in this section you could set more than three banners. Each banner would be displayed continously, automatically with the excellent revolution slider integration. The visual effect is guaranteed to catch your customer’s attention while bring a stylish look to your clothes online shop.

Featuring panes

featuring images

Scrolling down the banner section, there you go, the panes featuring the main type of products of your website. Now its time to embellish your website, with the awesome animation – which allows your feature image to popout whenever your vistior drag their mouse to the pane, and the most classy picture to present your products. Believe or not, this is the landmark to announce your site’s style to your customer and convince the customers to stay and look up. Thus, let take the most advantages of its.

Products or brand logo Sliders

panes width menu responsive magento theme

 Right after the featuring panes is the products section included “Latest products” or  whatever product or brand logos you chose to be in your main page. This is where, your customer could experience the updated Quickreview which allows them to view more details of the product without leaving current page. I did not even have to worry about the slow internet connection because with the flat-designed and some updated feature, the Quickview section seemed to work fast and fine. Other than that, your clients could compare products with each other as well.

quickview responsive magento theme

In the bottom of the main page is where you could alert your customer about who you are with some brief information some tags and top rated products.

flat designed responsive magento theme

Overall, MT FIVE provide your online shop with a modern, clean, stylish look and very customer friendly.

Besides, it still contain a full package of updated feature such as: mazing fonts, Easy navigation, Theme elements, Ajax Cart, Cloud Zoom, and integrated with many popular magento extensions.. those are crucial to an e-commerce website.

As a experiencer, I highly recommend this MT FIVE – responsive magento theme, not only based on what I have been through with it but also on the ground that, Zooextension are offering a great deal for everybody purchasing this wonderful responsive magento theme. That is a discount of up to 30% which allow you to buy this 120$ worthy theme with only 80$.

Do not hesitate and take your chance to purchase now. Experience it and share with me your comment!