Magento Continues to Be the Leading Ecommerce Platform in 2015, doesn’t it?

In the last few years, Magento has developed so dramatically that it always gets high ranks in the Google searching result. With over 200,000 installations, Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. Furthermore, in 2013, Magento has reached about 2 million downloads of its software platform and it really became the leading e-commerce platform in 2014. This figures sounds so fairly but do you think Magento continues to be an online shopping trend in 2015? Let’s check it out to find the answers!

Responsive Themes


Responsive web design is a new design trend, which helps developers to provide an optimal viewing website across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. Magento platform supports you the most with responsive Magento Themes. This will offer your customers the most convenient way to manage their shopping.

Ease of use


You are an online store owner and there is nothing as important as ease of use. No matter how many features a platform provides, you will not get any benefits if you do not know how to use them. Magento does almost everything (HTML5, Java Scripts and CSS technologies) for the designers so building up highly mobile-compatible shopping websites never become so easily. One thing plus: Magento has a dashboard which is very easy to navigate. In addition, many online documentations are available that will show how to deal with your first store.



There are a lot of things you need to care about and invest in when you want to create your own online store so try to pick up the most economical platform as you can. Magento is free so there is no reason why you should have a try with it.


open source

Magento is widely supported by not only individual but also corporate users so there will be a range of useful extensions for you to integrate to your store. Both free and commercial Magento extensions are available on the internet. This will help you to build a unique online shop.

SEO-friendly feature


It is really important for your e-commerce business to achieve desired ranks in the popular search engines. Magento is SEO ready right out of the box. It has search engine friendly, keyword rich URLs and includes extensions in order to generate meta data automatically.

With a lot of useful features integrated, many people still choose Magento as their main platform for their e-commerce business. We predict that this outstanding platform will continue to be on trend in 2015. How about your opinion? Your sharing will help the others a lot to draw their plan in 2015 so please let us know by dropping some comments bellow. We are more than happy to listen to your ideas!